PMMC is NOW OPEN for the Body Of Christ!

We encourage small groups and individuals to come to PMMC for prayer meetings or a prayer retreats. You can also hold small Church Camps, Overnight Prayer Meetings, Bible Study Groups, Youth Camps, Spiritual Getaways and Special Functions.

PMMC is now at Phase 2 of the PMMC Project.

It is now being upgraded with many new facilities equipments and amenities to accommodate the increase of visitors coming to seek the Lord. We plan to bring PMMC to its full capacity in functions on the 15.5 acres land in Phase 2.

There are some work in progress, proposed work to be done and future upgrades that need constant financial contributions.

We are now working towards fully paying off the fees for Transfer of Land, Stamp Duty, Government fees and carrying out other Documentation works on the 5.5 acres of land across the road, that we may proceed to facilitate that land with more building in Phase 3.