About Lifeline Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly known as Zaire), is located on the Equator in the center of the African continent, and is bordered to the south by Angola and Zambia. It shares its eastern border with Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, and Uganda. It's northern border is shared with Sudan, Central African Republic, and Republic of Congo.

Lifeline International Ministries of the Congo has grown tremendously under the leadership of Dr. Makiese Kala. The ministry has spread its wings to various parts of the nation and by the grace of God it is still expanding even more. We thank the Lord for providing him with leaders and workers who are dedicated to do the work of the Lord.

Lifeline has multiplied into 5 more branches throughout the Congo. We have Churches, Bible Schools and Christians Schools. Although recently, the ministry has built its own Church Building in Kinshasa, in many other centers the church buildings are not large enough and they are in lack of facilities.

Lifeline Christian School was first established in 1997. For the past 24 years it has grown from K1 to Secondary School. The school buildings have become too small for it’s growing capacity and they greatly lack in proper school facilities. Therefore, we have extended to a larger capacity with proper facilities, based on the availability of funds.

Apart from caring for the spiritual needs of the people the ministry also meets their social needs. Many projects are underway in the process of reaching out to the poor and to the unreached. Amongst the projects of Lifeline Congo are Feeding Programmes, Medical Missions, Agricultural Programmes, Ministry to the Poor, Mobile Ministry to reach out to the people in the deep jungles and many other social programmes which help to restore people’s lives.

Please do keep Dr. Kala, all pastors, workers and the members in your prayer. They are praying for you, too! Also remember, your partnership with Lifeline Ministries touches lives and transforms individuals for the Lord, and that is fruit which abounds into your account! Phil 4:17

This video is a brief overview of Lifeline Ministry in DRC.